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Fingers F2.0 Stereo Speaker

  • F2.0 speakers Is the perfect companion for your PCs and will look great in every home and office. A sleek space saving design complemented by a rich black piano finish makes this a visual treat.
  • 2 speakers rolled into one With the versatile F2.0 speakers – You get two speakers in a single form factor that provides immersive sound at any given volume. 
  •  Use either vertically or horizontally Place it vertically or horizontally or even mount it as needed. 
  • USB Powered for simple Plug-n-Play setup Simply plug it into the USB port of your computer/laptop and enjoy crystal clear room-filling sound instantly.
  •  Crystal Clear Room filling Sound  Equipped with anti-magnetic design that is magnetically shielded, F2.0 ensures seamless listening experience without any distortion. Means you no longer have to worry about any interference that can be caused by other peripherals connected in a PC setup.
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