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Game Trigger

  • Check SOLD BY: Infibiz before buying. Mobile Game Joystick: This pair of fire buttons will help you improve the gaming experience.
  • IMPORTANT: Every part (trigger, hammer and foam) can be detached and attached with ease. IT IS NOT TO BE TREATED AS DAMAGED. If any of the metal hammers appears to be rigid or loose or comes off due to transit, travelling or long hours of play, no need to panic since this is normal. In this case just put the hammer back in position and press near it’s center and push it back in with your thumb to get it in position and it will work perfectly. The foam can be attached and detached as well.
  • How to Use: Before you play, personalize your shoot and aim buttons under the touch pad of the cell phone game controller.
  • Enjoy gaming!

K9 Pubg Trigger

  • New Generation Mobile Game Joystick: Winner winner chicken dinner! This pair of fire buttons will help you improve the gaming experience.
  • Supported Devices: Designed for shooting games on iOS or android devices. PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops.
  • High Sensitivity to touch: L1R1 mobile triggers are sensitive to shoot and aim, no Power supply and driver needed, easy to use and accurate to the touch Easy to
  • Install: Mobile controller work with your bumper case on your phone but most cases you will have to remove to use just like any other triggers.
  • Simple Operation: With the mobile controller, you can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons, which can eliminate the trouble that use thumbs only to make all operations.
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Pubg Trigger

  • Type: Mobile Joystick
  • Platform: Mac OS
  • Capacity: 320 MB
  • Compatible With: Mobile