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Mosquito Killing Lamp

  • MOSQUITO ESCAPE prevention design: let mosquito only in and out,a net.
  • Using Led Light Source,360 Degrees Of Omnidirectional Light,no Dead Angle For Mosquito Trapping.
  • This Product Is Widely Used In villas,courtyards,houses,hospitals,bars,apartments,kindergartens,restaurants,cafes,cinemas,farms,fields, And Other Venues. WARM TIPS : Never Let The Baby Close To Or Close To The Source Of Direct Vision Lamp
  • integrated mosquito storage box desighn:non-oxidizing rust,good air permeability,easy to clean,ultra-durable.
  • No chemicals: No more pesticides or harmful sprays.Useful bug zapper, It does not pose a threat to the health of humans or pets and is ideally suited where insecticides cannot be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals.
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